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I have been putting up more than the average amount of lights up for Christmas for many years. In 2008, I decided to switch from regular static light displays to a computerized setup synced to music. I started out with two Light-O-Rama (LOR) 1602W AC light controllers and whatever lights I could scrounge up to put up my first show. It was a great learning experience but I found I wanted to add a lot more lights for the next year. Doing it using LOR controllers is very expensive so I went the DIY route and started building my own stuff at a much lower cost. Listed below are the transitions I went through over the years:

2008 - Two LOR 1602W controllers - 32 channels in all.

2009 - Added a Lynx FreeStyle 128 channel controller along with thirty-two 4-channel AC SSRs and four "RenSimple" 16-channel controllers driving 4-channel DC SSRs. I added lots of lights that year along with creating my first "MegaTree" consisting of 3x12 channels of Red/Green/White LEDs, my first arches consisting of 9 channels each for Red, Green and White LEDs. I also added twenty "SuperStrips" that had RGB+W LEDs on them under the eaves of the house. The superstrips were mounted year-round. It was a big year...

2010 - No big changes - just re-arrangement of stuff. I did replace my RenSimple/DCSSR rig with two Ren48LSDs - a board of my own design specifically to run the superstrips.

2011 - First year of adding smart pixels - I created a 3-pane window frame overlay using 1809 style pixels - 306 in all. I used a SanDevices E681 pixel controller to run it.

2012 - Added a pixel based MegaTree consisting of thirty strings of 42 pixels of the TLS3001 type which have 12-bit dimming. It was a major addition! I also added a run of 168 GECE pixels along the roof line. I also added over a hundred LED based strobes i built using SMD technology.

2013 - Added a pixel star consisting of three size stars with 108 pixels in the center (12x9), 216 pixels in middle (12x18) and 324 pixels on the outside (12x27) or 648 pixels in all. I didn't finish it till late but it was the 'star' of the show!

2014 - Added three pixel arches and a string of 100 Pixabulbs along the roof line and another 125 along the gutter line.